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If you like the products we used in our projects and you would like same tips about how to use them here you are. 
Just a click to have what you deserve right at home.
Don't esitate to contact us for advices.

The Pirce pendant light by Artemide is the perfect all-around lighting piece.

You can use it in an office briefing room, in your bedroom, living room or above the dinner table.

It fits with every style and type of apartment.

The one in the picture is 90x90 cm, but if you don't have enough space, don't worry, you can use the mini type or the wall version. 

Ancora 3

If you are a retail owner and you want to give at your shop a touch of technology. why don't you  impress your customers with a multitouch screen? You can do a lot of things with it!

We have designed this table for this screen in a travel agency. Here the clients can see their destinations, photos, technical information.

And...don't worry if you pour the coffee on the table, the screen is against liquids and dust.

You can use this type of screen also on the wall, whereever you want.

Perfect for almost every type of ceilings  are the Java spots by Artemide, they can be oriented and can be single, in pair or three aligned.

A great thing you can do in a space is creating different lighting sceneries, one with direct light others with indirect light.

Here for indirect light we have used the mesmeri applique by Artemide.

A valid alternative more economical is the E' applique by Kartell.

From Artemide with his magic Pirce we can pass now to Flos with the Flute lamp. or skilight. this types of lamps are perfect to put above you kitchen  table, the snack area or if you have a public space, store, above the desk.

To enlighten your work station at home the Kartell's mini Taj or . could fit.

Both lamps give a soft diffuse light and can also be used as bedside lights if the table comes to the end of the mattress .

A variant of the mini Taj is the Taj .

As lamp for the bed is suitable Costanzina by LucePlan. It can be on the wall type  or countertop . The shade can be white if you have a coloured wall behind the bed or you can  give a touch of color just with the lamp , but it may make less light .

Since we introduced the LucePlan, an excellent solution for the kitchen table can be Costanza.

Finally for some fun  you can use bright letters by Seletti and compose the most hilarious messages and don't forget to use special characters! Whether in a public space or in the warmth of your home, your guests will be amazed by the immediacy of neon art.

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